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Family Owned & Operated

  • ZERO Lost work days in 20 years
  • 125 sets of U-shaped Pipe Loading Racks
  • Member of IS-Networld Safety Compliance
  • Over 40 employees with years of experience and training
  • Over 60 pieces of Company owned equipment
  • 140 acre facility located in the Heart of the U.S.
  • We will exceed your expectations & schedules with Integrity
  • Agreements with all major freight companies to move pipe

Purchasing New Surplus Pipe

CPI Pipe & Steel purchases new and reclaimed surplus pipe all across the U.S. from gas companies after they have finished completing their installation projects in addition to pipe that has been in their inventory for many years where the coating has oxidized or deteriorated.  We purchase these lots of surplus ranging between 100 to 300,000 tons.

CPI is the most qualified pipe buyer in the U.S. for two reasons.  First is our equipment to get jobs completed in a quick and safe time frame.  Our 60 pieces of equipment consists of Loaders, Excavators, Cranes, Swamp Tractors with Trailers, Trucks, Trailers and Mats.  Second, we employ the Best people for our business.  CPI has not had one lost work day in over 20 years with 40 employees and hundreds of thousands of tons of pipe purchased and moved.  We are members of ISNet Safety and Compliance plus currently carry MSA agreements with major gas companies and look forward to gaining more agreements in the future.

Pipe We Purchase: Loading, Sizes and Lengths

  • When loading at customer locations CPI has over 125 sets of 7ft tall heavy pipe U shaped racks we lock down on the truck trailers before loading the pipe guaranteeing a 100% safe and efficient pipe load out process.  These pipe sizes are 8″ to 42″ OD with lengths from 5ft to 80ft.  This pipe is then shipped back to our 140 acre facility for any necessary fabrication.
  • New & Used Surplus 8″ to 42″ OD with wall thickness ranging from .250″ to 1.000″.
  • Lengths:
    • Triple and Quad. 60′ to 80′ random lengths are cut on site with safety first on all customer locations by having Fire Watch, correct PPE and FRC.
    • Double Random Lengths, 30′-50′, are loaded straight onto a truck that has our load racks attached for transport back to our facility.
    • Cuts & Short pipe – 5′ to 30′ lengths.  Utilizing our proprietary loading racks we are able to load and transport these shorter lengths in an extremely safe manner.  We then take these cuts and shorts and fabricate them into 40′ lengths.

Our goal at CPI is on your next investment recovery with new surplus pipe we intend to guarantee you safety, service, plus a dollar value that makes sense.  With investing millions of dollars in equipment and having employees with decades of knowledge and experience we will meet and exceed your expectations and schedule.

– Tyler Williams


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